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Extrinsec AppDefender

Extrinsec AppDefender is a free and lightweight serverless security library available for top serverless platforms and containers. It is simple and easy to setup, yet provides a comprehensive set of features:

  • Observe, Deny, or Grant access to any combination of the following:
    • outbound network traffic from the application runtime environment, with ability to whitelist
    • read/write on the /tmp/ or application directories
    • create/spawn child processes
  • ability to terminate function execution for unauthorized access
  • view all events centrally in the web application
  • fast, reliable, and non-intrusive: no wrapping or monkey-patching of your code
  • easy collaboration between dev and ops teams with role based access
  • optional paid plans to protect more applications and longer event retention

AppDefender gives you the visibility and peace of mind that your serverless functions and containerized applications are safe, secure, and unadulterated.



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