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Quick Start Guide

This guide describes a quick and easy way to test out AppDefender on AWS Lambda. For more customized usage, please see the various guides relevant to your cloud platform and language runtime.

  1. request a temporary license key sent to your email address
  2. add the Extrinsec-Appdefender extension as a layer to your Lambda, using the following ARN
    • arn:aws:lambda:<AWS_REGION>:201476247173:layer:Extrinsec-Appdefender:<EXTENSION_VERSION>
    • replace <AWS_REGION> with your region (e.g. us-east-1) and <EXTENSION_VERSION> with the latest published version of our layer for your region, e.g. arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:201476247173:layer:Extrinsec-Appdefender:5
    • replace Extrinsec-Appdefender with Extrinsec-Appdefender-arm64 if you are using ARM64 runtimes lambda add layer
  3. add the following environment variables to your Lambda
    • ES_LICENSE_KEY=<the temporary license key you received in step 1>
    • ES_POLICY_GROUP_NAME=observeAll.ability, (this is the public policy group that observes and logs only)
    • AWS_LAMBDA_EXEC_WRAPPER=/opt/, (this enables AppDefender) Environment Variables
  4. see AppDefender in action in your CloudWatch logs or any logging service of your choice, e.g. AppDefender CloudWatch Logs


  1. All you need to try AppDefender is a valid email address. No additional information or credit card is required.
  2. Your temporary license key has some usage limitations (can be used for up to 3 applications and expires after 30 days).
  3. The publicly available policy group observeAll.ability allows you to see in your logs what AppDefender is able to protect against, e.g. outbound network traffic and subprocess creation. However, in order to customize for your environment and enable protection (deny certain traffic), you will need to register and create your own policies.
  4. If you have previously requested a temporary license key using your email address, then please register an account to continue to use our service.